Ergodox keyboard – more than looking cool

Last modified 2018-03-16

After I got my Ergodox EZ, every one who visits my office leave a comment "Ah, your keyboard is cool." Maybe I should proudly write a review for it.

Ergodox has a few intereting features compared to a traditional keyboard: split design, programmable layout, thumb keys and mechanical switches. As a heavy keyboard user, a comfortable keyboard means health and happiness... The price is not cheap: it costs 300 USD money-wise and pretty much time on custmization and getting used to it, but I think it difinitely worth it in long term.

Health of wrists: the start of the story

My wrists started making clicking sounds about six years ago and my physical therapist suggested me to use keyboards with spit design. Following her advice, I bought a Microsoft Sculpt, which was a decent choice, coming with a cute ergonomic mouse. A bit later, I bought an elbow support and an electric height-adjustable desk. Those purchases helped me much to reduce the strain problem on my shoulder and back to use computer with standing position.

Personalized layout: Emacs + accent + mouse movement

The above-mentioned ergonomic purchases did not stop me from seeking for a better keyboard. Microsoft Sculpt has a big Insert key near the Return, which lead to quite many annoying mis-operations. In hate Insert and Caps lock pretty much, since I never use them and they take such important position on the keyboard. Personally, Emacs is an all-in-one text editor for me, working with many quite modes such as Python, spread sheet (org-mode) and Latex, from coding to daily life. It is a cool stuff, however the frequent use of CTRL caused repeated strain injury for many users. In addition, the ruberic switch is not physically responsive to type with.

Ergodox EZ came into my sight last December. I took me a few minutes to understand its features and place my order. However, the pro After I look around in the keyboard society, I found some other split design and layout programmable keyboards, e.g. ultimate hacking. They also look interesting to me and I don't really know what would I choose if I know those keyboard beforehands.

My Ergodox layout

Touch response and aethetics